A Mastery Toolkit

 Mastery Toolkit, Coaching Students to Become "Can Do" Learners: Empowering Learners to Succeed Foundation Mindsets, Essential Strategies, and Learning Tools to Create Motivation, Build Connections, & Ensure Retention
by Doris Wells-Papanek, M.Ed. 
Dr. Robert K. Greenleaf 


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Speaking directly to the student, "A Mastery Toolkit," explores the foundations of understanding, essential strategies, and learning tools to become motivated, independently engaged in the learning process, responsible for learning, and accountable for making good choices. The goal is to become a "Can Do" Student ~ a student who takes charge of their learning and empowers themselves in ways to be successful.

Dear Student, 

This book has been written especially for you. Most likely, you are doing the best you can in school ~ working hard to please your teachers, your parents, and hopefully, yourself. Even though you are trying, perhaps you are struggling in one area or more. Maybe you are not struggling at all. However, you might want to improve how you organize your thoughts, construct ideas on paper, or interact with your teachers. Better yet, you may want to spend less time doing homework! This book can offer you a solid foundation of understanding and using essential strategies. Included are ideas and learning tools that can help you do the following: find the motivation you need to keep investing in your future and trying your best build new connections and look at things in powerful ways you may never have thought of before improve areas of concern and build on your strengths master the skills you need to learn that you will never forget. Through these foundations, strategies, and tools you can become aware, more comfortable with, and responsible for your learning. As this happens, the process will be more enjoyable and rewarding. 

Becoming a successful, "Can Do" student is the goal. 

Good luck on your adventure as you use this book! 

Doris & Bob


"A Mastery Toolkit promotes metacogition of student learning styles, plus effective strategies.

This book is great to use with my students to help them learn what kind of learner they are. It also provides specific strategies for students to use to help them learn in lots of different areas: organizational skills, research, note-taking, spelling, essay writing, and MORE! Very user-friendly!"