Coaching Reluctant Learners

Coaching Reluctant Learners, A Practical Framework for Classroom Success: Engaging the Brain & Heart of Today's Student: Personalized Strategies, Activities, and Examples to Improve Middle & High School Student Motivation and Performance
by Billie Donegon, Dr. Robert K. Greenleaf, and Doris Wells-Papanek, M.Ed.


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The purpose of “Coaching Reluctant Learners” is to provide today's teachers with tools THAT WORK for today's students. But even more importantly, this book provides teachers with a condensed version of best practice research in a PRACTICAL FRAMEWORK for classroom success, unit-by-unit. 

We have heard from many teachers who have field-tested this design with their own reluctant learners, that it is a doable format where both the teacher and the student feel more successful. Teachers know that in the reality of their teaching lives - their plates are overflowing. Local and state requirements compete with a multitude of demands for the little discretionary time available, if any. 

Classrooms are overflowing with more and more non-prepared, non-engaged kids. There is simply no time for anything non-essential. Still, everyday in American schools, teachers are field-testing a lesson and figuring out on the drive home after school how to do it better tomorrow. Embedded in this book are strategies, activities, examples, and a framework for units that will improve student motivation and performance. The goal is to engage the brain and the heart of today's student.