Engaging Today's College Students

Engaging Today's College Students, What All College Instructors Need to Know & Be Able to Do: Four Essential Learning Components of Student Engagement
by Elaine M. Millen, Dr. Robert K. Greenleaf, and Doris Wells-Papanek, M.Ed.


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In the College Edition of "Engaging Today's Students," we have examined the research around the learner of today, effective teaching practices, and the brain sciences that link to long-term memory and recall.

We have observed hundreds of classroom lessons and activities, developed by an array of practicing educators. A strong indicator for how we organized this book was our deep commitment to learners ~ students as learners AND teachers as learners ~ and how we all can learn in significant and sustainable ways. With a central focus on what today's learners require, we have created two editions, one with a focus on College level learners and the other referencing the needs of the grades 5-12 population of students. Each addresses the four essential learning components that drive student engagement


"The book 'Engaging Today's College Students' by Millen et al. is a must read for all college faculty. This book does a great job in urging college faculty members to towards a 'paradigm shift' in order to meet the new needs of today's diverse student population in the increasingly globalized and technological job market. Grounded in the areas of adult learning, constructivism, multiple intelligences, and brain research, this book effectively synthesizes and summarizes these cutting-edge learning theories and describes each of the learning components in a very straightforward, concise, and accessible fashion. Innovative ways of conceptualizing teaching process such as 'problem solving in a real-life context,' raising student motivation, imaging, self-directed learning, and collaborative learning are clearly justified and well illustrated."

Elaine Mangiante, M.Ed., University of Rhode Island, Teacher Preparation Program

"This new paradigm for college teaching is presented through a clear step-by-step process using essential application questions and actions to consider when designing a college course."

Judy Willis, MD, M.Ed., Santa Barbara Middle School, CA.

"[This text] ...is on-target and will resonate with all college educators who recognize the changing demands that are being placed upon the students they teach from the day they graduate. As a neuroscientist, I am particularly impressed by the level of understanding of the complex neurology of learning evident throughout the book and imparted to readers in clear, accurate, reader-friendly text."