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Engaging Today's Students: What All Teachers Need to Know & Be Able to Do

by Elaine M. Millen, Dr. Robert K. Greenleaf, Doris Wells-Papanek, M.Ed., and Sharyn L. Orvis


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In the Grades 5-12 Edition of "Engaging Today's Students," we have examined the research around the learner of today, effective teaching practices, and the brain sciences that link to long-term memory and recall. We have observed hundreds of classroom lessons and activities, developed by an array of practicing educators. A strong indicator for how we organized this book was our deep commitment to learners ~ students as learners AND teachers as learners ~ and how we all can learn in significant and sustainable ways. With a central focus on what today s learners require, we have created two editions, one with a focus on College level learners and the other referencing the needs of the grades 5-12 population of students. Each addresses the four essential learning components that drive student engagement.

A Mastery Toolkit: Coaching Students to Become "Can Do" Learners

by Doris Wells-Papanek, M.Ed. and Dr. Robert K. Greenleaf


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Speaking directly to the student, "A Mastery Toolkit," explores the foundations of understanding, essential strategies, and learning tools to become motivated, independently engaged in the learning process, responsible for learning, and accountable for making good choices. The goal is to become a "Can Do" Student ~ a student who takes charge of their learning and empowers themselves in ways to be successful.